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Life Leadership Review - Winter Leadership 2015

Life Leadership Review Orrin Woodward

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#51 Coreyaphillips



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Posted 25 February 2015 - 01:23 AM

As a man just getting started this weekend was definitely a turning point for our family.

We have adopted the mantra of, "Go Ahead! Bet Against Me!" This eliminates the fear i was feeling to talk to my upline and do the work that needs to be done.  

So many great speakers its hard to choose I did love Mr. Castro and Chris Swanson Rocked. Tim Marks is definitely awesome and his panel answered a lot questions

i had.

It's funny one of the memories was where we were sitting. I am a very fluffy person so i do not fit well in the upper seats, before this weekend i would have complained and moaned about it but now I am driven to qualify to sit on the floor seats (Sometimes a Dream Sometimes a Dread).

On our way home we were listening to audios, Tim Marks of course, and in a tree by the river was a lone bald eagle....... It reminded me of why we went and why we are doing this. IF you don't soar with eagles, then you scratch with the chickens. 


Mobile app rocks.


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Posted 25 February 2015 - 09:41 AM

Amazing, amazing weekend! After watching the Leader 6 & Leader 12 recognition be a "walk & wave" event due to the sheer numbers of people hitting those levels, one has to be convicted that Life Leadership works. Additionally, the hundreds of people who qualify and are going on the Free Performer 6 Trip was inspiring to say the least - I cannot wait to send tons of my teammates & friends on their very own Free Trip!!


Two quotes resonate with me after this weekend:

1. You don't pay a price to chase your dream, you pay a price if you don't chase your dream. - Claude Hamilton

2. You cannot chase your dreams while hanging onto doubt. - Laurie Woodward

Onward to 1,000,000 ! ! !

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#53 Kelli Sager

Kelli Sager


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Posted 25 February 2015 - 11:30 AM

This was the most impact full major ever ! We made a lot of decisions this weekend ! It being only an hour and 40 min away from home was the start to a great weekend ! ( Glad you all know where Moline , Il is now ! Come back any time !) The guest speakers were great , especially Chris Swanson ! What energy ! Tim Mark's talk about not cheating people when they get started , by not telling them what it will take to get their dreams ( PBO ) , really smacked me in the face ! " Get started as an amateur , get amateur results. " Claude & Lana's recognition was amazing ! That really hit the heart . Best quote of the weekend... " Bet against me !" Seeing Dan Hawkins lead the Sunday service.......amazing. You can truly tell where Dan's priorities are . And finally, Bill Lewis bringing it home with a SMACK ! " Do the same thing we've been doing for 15 YEARS ! " Loved it !

Chris and the office , thanks so much for all you do , and for putting on a world class event ! 

                Kelli Sager

#54 April



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Posted 25 February 2015 - 01:43 PM

The Panel on Sunday with Tim Marks, Rob Robson, the LaPlanch's, and Manase and Lisa Fotu, followed by Bill Lewis were by far the most impactful for me.


Bill hit home that it is the same thing that it was 16 years ago. Since everything Orrin said 5 years ago has come true, you can be sure that what he is saying today will be true in 5 years.


I left the major with the solid goal to run for 10/5 to be on the video call with Orrin!


Team Eagle, PPFF!



#55 Nola Garvin

Nola Garvin


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Posted 25 February 2015 - 02:11 PM

We have an amazing "roadkill" adventure story. My husband and I live in Taylor AZ and on our way to Phoenix to catch our flight out to Chicago we got almost to Payson and realized we had forgotten our tickets to the Major in Moline. Knowing our house was locked up like fort knox we decide that turning around and going back was the only option. Right as we topped the rim I heard the klanking sounds in the rear end of our jeep. As we got closer to Taylor it happened, we lost the barrings in the rear end. Wow what a blessing we received by forgetting our tickets! Had I remembered them WE would have been road kill just out side of Payson and under the circumstances, not been able to make it to the Major convention in Moline. As it were we swapped out our things from our jeep to our car, grabbed the tickets and off we went. Everything happens for a reason. We just need to have faith and thank the Lord for watching out for us.
We got to the valley and our brand new 2nd leg members were waiting for us to tell us their great news...they are coming with us to Moline IL! Can it get any better than that?
Yes it can! Every speaker spoke exactly what I needed to hear. I'm so sure they knew me personally and knew exactly what I needed help with.
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#56 TaylorAaronMiller



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Posted 25 February 2015 - 05:15 PM

The Winter Convention was Awesome!!

All the Talks were awesome, but some of my favorites were Lorrie and Orrin talking about the Financial Matrix. 

I also liked Bill Lewis's Closing Talk on Sunday.  No RoadKill had to die this time. :) But the last major we went to which was our first one. we had to change an Alternator on the way down.  And had to keep stopping because of the problems with the car! But this time it was good. 

What impacted me the most would probably be the Tree talk, Highly reactive and Highly Proactive.  I could see alot of myself in alot of those categories. Another Talk I liked was the one where you need 7 leaders..  

Best quote; You get 1 shot, to be the best parent, the best anything and the only way for that to happen is you need to put your mind in that 1 shot mind set. 

Who touched me the most: Probably Steve Scheibner,  His talk was very powerful..  No words for that it was that good.



#57 Chris Brady

Chris Brady

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Posted 25 February 2015 - 06:37 PM

Leave it to You Chris to ask the hard questions.
favorite talks?
Rather a tough task to rate one over the others, motivational would be "Bet against me"
Informational would be the "Commit to 12 months of Go Getter" and Consistency, of course I need to admidt my mentor has told me that a thousand times. "We hear it when we hear it"

impacted you the most?
The total Change in general of the spiritual aspect, So many leaders coming to grip with their faith -Simply walking into the Sunday morning service there was NO denying it we were PACKED OUT!
The power of Attraction  has never been stronger. Our combined Impact on a suffering city also was Awesome.

touched your heart? "the Choleric's getting emotional and Crying" "It's real NG it's real..."
Venkat and Linda Verada as the name of the top gun winner was announced. It's So great to see the true common heart of us all through our leaders. Of course I am biased when I see our leader win and it moves him to "speechless"becasue of emotion and tears. There in the crowd all of us "tough" Choleric's where crying too...

memories did you create?

Intimate Bonds of unity - how else can it be put?
Empathy, Love acceptance.

What road kill had to die in order for you to make the trip?
Ohh my.
Leaving the open headed out full of excitement after just making the last "problem solving moves" to get to Moline. I mean within minutes of solving the issues.
The mrs, and I where headed on an on-ramp discussing the hopes of the coming leadership and as we came around the corner there was a Huge looking cardboard Box dead center in our path. If we tried to react and avoid it there was a wall on one side and a slight cliff on the other. As I hit the object it created a HUGE explosion it looked as white particles like little pieces of  Styrofoam flew everywhere. It was Real loud and in an instant it was over. A Ohh No feeling swelled up as shock and horror took effect .
We pulled off the freeway and inspected the car, of course we knew it was bad and didn't look forward to testing out Insurrance carrier.  We looked and saw one tiny scratch and rejoiced wow what a strong car. The driver that was behind us followe dus off the freeway to make sure we were ok.  He siade look there is a part of it trapped under your car.
I pulled out the cardboard box and read. Kohler elongated Bowl. We had Hit and Killed a TOILET.
Now we must make reach Coordinator to put that onto a CD was my response as I couldn't stop giggling.


And any other things you'd like to share with us . . .
Bigger Auditorium please.
Saturday morning was a challenge of emotions, for us.
We arrived and all the seats where taken, as we walked from section to section seeking 2 adjoining seats - the ones open where saved, We found 2 went to sit and we where confronted in a nasty manner  - glad I read some books so we didn't react. When we received that treatment I had to look at my lapel pin and thing "This is the Life event right?"after 3 similar experiences
We found a really great team from Michigan who made room for us, thank you again. Yet at break those seats where gone.too.
We found a little beer bar and watched on video. Imagine that, anyone who knows us would think where? thus the saving of seats while a common part of our culture can have a challenging impact.
The feelings were there until dinner break when we ran into Curtis and Debbi what great leaders, In just a few seconds of their time. Everything was awesome.

This was a Breakthrough event for my wife and myself.
We met some of the greatest people and we can not wait for June.
With eternal thanks
Michael and Teresa Leahy

Hahahahaha!  You hit a toilet!  That's a first I think!


We are sick-to-death of the saving seat "culture" that has crept into our teams and will be taking some steps against it at the next major (also, we are open to any ideas about how to prevent it)





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#58 Kelli Sager

Kelli Sager


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Posted 25 February 2015 - 08:01 PM

Hahahahaha!  You hit a toilet!  That's a first I think!


We are sick-to-death of the saving seat "culture" that has crept into our teams and will be taking some steps against it at the next major (also, we are open to any ideas about how to prevent it)





Hi Chris , the only way we have been able to prevent this at our local seminar is to have volunteers from Life be ushers . Kindly let the people who are putting towels on seats know that it is not allowed , and they need to remove them . Unfortunately with such a large venue , it will be tough to police . 


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#59 Jewald



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Posted 26 February 2015 - 12:39 PM



WOW, what a weekend. Even before we arrived at the convention, LIFE Leadership impact was felt in our surroundings. While my husband & I were reading in the hotel lobby, a gentleman from the hotel staff came out to talk with us and let us know what great people we have in LIFE Leadership. (We know this for sure!!) What a great testimony.


It is difficult to narrow down to favorites because I loved so much - my heart is full! It seems the books and devotions prior to the Major primed the pump for me, so the weekend was reinforcing and clarifying where God is directing my steps. Of all things, having Steve Scheibner share the scripture passage "well done, my good & faithful servant.." meant so much to me, there isn't a moment to waste. Then having Chris Swanson speak on the one shot mind set - reminded me of CD's where Jill tells us "we don't have a thousand years" and your CD where "there is a too late". So, God willing this is the push to get out of the comfort zone and help those around us in whatever areas we can. We know & see the financial matrix with those we love. A huge thank you to Orrin for talking and sharing on this. I Loved Terri's talk on being real and God created us to be a lighthouse. There is comfort that God can use me now (imperfect as I am) and continue to develop me - I'm in the right place at the right time. Each talk from Friday through Sunday built into a beautiful send off.


Also, Glen and I always love getting together with our whole Revolution team for dinner on Saturday. We are inspired by the love and acceptance we receive from our group. Sunday mornings are always a blessing. Since the first one I attended, I've thought the singing is just a small taste of what heaven will be like. (& at least I can sing & have that sound drowned out!!)


Thank you for all that you do & the LIFE Support Staff. We appreciate you all.


June Ewald

  Revolution- The Rising!!

#60 yaya


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Posted 26 February 2015 - 07:07 PM

Hahahahaha!  You hit a toilet!  That's a first I think!


We are sick-to-death of the saving seat "culture" that has crept into our teams and will be taking some steps against it at the next major (also, we are open to any ideas about how to prevent it)





Yeah,, for me it wasn't the fact that they told us to go put volunteer papers on our seats and I left my coat there too, It was a tad disappointing to have the seats gone, but very disheartening to have someone shove my leather coat in the middle way under seats and watch me look and look and look for it as traveling with 6 kids was expensive and we sold a ton of stuff to go that far, 4 nights in 2 hotel rooms, I did not have money for another coat, lol,,,,,,but we finally found it Thank god....sitting on the floor is ok for me,it was exciting to have power player seats and we never got to have them even getting there at 8 am to take tix but everything was so so good it did not matter. 

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I believe
If I Look hard enough
I will see
That there can be enough
And I believe
I can think clear enough,
To conceive
A place where there's enough( M.E.)

#61 Greg



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Posted 27 February 2015 - 03:10 PM

I would like to provide my Life Leadership review from the Major Leadership Convention in Moline Illinois.


I have attended continuing education programs for the last 37 years both as a healthcare professional and as a business owner. I have seen such leadership legends as John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy just to name a few. The quality of the speakers and the content of the presentations this weekend was as good as any I have attended. 


All of the speakers chosen this weekend were a superb choice.

My favorites however and for the following reasons (and in no particular order) were;


Dan Castro - as a trial lawyer and author of the book Hidden Choices, he had a fun and casual stage presence especially for an attorney. Like the book however which was thoroughly researched, I thought his presentation was full of many great illustrations of successful inventors, companies and everyday people who found solutions by looking for relevance. It caused me to think in my quest to solutions in my life to look for relevance.


John Stahl-Wert - as an author his stories captivate me. As a speaker his story of Mr Wong was eye-opening and powerful, that a toy maker in China who built his business on the principles of Jesus was given little opportunity to succeed and yet has become a national example of significant personal and business success. It was a reminder to apply these principles as I live my life.


Steve Scheibner - the movie produced by his son was spectacular and a reminder of how fragile life can be, Dr. Scheibner proved powerful as an example to the many attendees who hope to create a more significant life that you can be successful in several areas of life. Being a Navy pilot and then a Captain for American Airlines are both dreams for many aspiring pilots, but to then add to that resume; receiving a Doctorate, becoming a Pastor, writing a book and now being a Public Speaker is a testament to the ability that we can increase our personal capacity to succeed.


Oliver DeMille - his educational information on the Science of Freedom was enlightening and very much needed in a society and culture where the founding of our country is secondary or even neglected in our education system to the current social agendas.


Chris Swanson - his energy and conviction brought together for me the "One Shot Mindset" we need to get in order to take this fragile and short life we have to live a life of significance and purpose.


Orrin Woodward - his extensive research coupled with his ability to condense and simplify his message on finances was nothing short of an educational highlight on a much needed subject. As Life Leadership's Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, I was once again reminded that a company is only as good as the leaders who lead it and given Orrin's example of leadership, both on and off the stage I am confident in Life Leadership's future. 


Tim Marks - a dynamic presenter whose straight forward style and message never leaves this listener with doubt. His message to take your business seriously was a needed reminder of our responsibility as business owners and stewards.


Claude Hamilton - If you are a family man, or a man's man, his passion for his family and his mission to raise up leader men was exemplified by his presentation along with him sharing of his 2 young sons in tuxedos.  


Chris Brady - the passion accompanied by the knowledge, sense of responsibility and commitment to excellence was on display by the CEO of Life Leadership. In every talk he gave I was given a greater sense of purpose and confidence in the direction of this company.


George Guzzardo - had a testimony that resonated with so many in the audience. I heard many who could identify with his transparency and candor. His question of how you get 90% of the population to believe in anything?  His response; You don't teach any other options, certainly was food for thought.


Dan Hawkins - Dan was a testament to the power of the leadership development system of Life Leadership. You would never believe it if so many had not seen it for themselves, the transformation of this young man with so many insecurities to such a dynamic and eloquent speaker. His Sunday message was beyond reproach. All that were in attendance were moved and many lives changed.  


Bill Lewis - as the concluding speaker, his send off message was "stellar", You could not have picked a better speaker and he could not have delivered a better message, especially given the fact that it was given off the cuff. Kudos to Bill!


Despite having a superb line-up of male speakers, the ladies who spoke provided a well rounded viewpoint. The qualities of the women speakers and their commitment to not just back their husbands, but to be women of strength as members of a family business, demonstrated to all that these women play such a vital role in the success of each of these teams represented.


Terri Brady - as a wife of the CEO, and an Author, and Mentor with 20 years of experience in the field, this leading lady lead with class. Her presentation about recognizing your value and the reminder that your past cannot stop your future, would stand with any and exceed many I have seen in 35+ years. 


Amy Marks - her eloquence and style along with her subtle delivery were demonstrated along with a heart to change lives.


Lisa Hawkins - As a woman who has seen a husband change to the degree he has changed, she herself has become a powerful and dynamic speaker. As a mother and leader to 5 young girls she is an example of leadership in the home and an model for many young mothers.


Lana Hamilton - has a quiet, yet fun strength that is evident when she speaks. I enjoy listening to her because you can't help but like the relationship that she has with her husband and her team, that shines through with her laughter and good nature style.


Jill Guzzardo  - her stories and testimony along with the slide presentation added such a nice flavor to the weekend. You witnessed both audibly and visually the life and lessons she has learned and is so willing to share.


Laurie Woodward - Laurie's message on the lies we have been told about money was a message our culture needs to hear. So many of us have been told things that were not necessarily meant to be lies, but things thought to be true that weren't. As I listened to her message, I couldn't help but wonder how many other things as a child or adult we have been told that just isn't so. Media today has such an influence on our society, so much so that it could influence our children more than we do as parents. It begs the question to ask; what is true, and what isn't. It created a higher awareness in me the need to be more thoughtful of the information I choose to believe.


The value of this function far exceeded the cost. I choose to associate with this organization because of the commitment of its leadership to provide an unequal opportunity to learn and succeed along with the quality of its content.

Thank you Life Leadership!

#62 Greg



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Posted 27 February 2015 - 04:12 PM

My Life Leadership Review addendum


After giving some thought to the format of this convention I wanted to leave a brief comment regarding the format.


Unlike other conventions I have attended the format of this convention highlighted the Current performers.

Much like the playoffs in the sports world, the Life Leadership conventions highlight those leaders who have come into the convention leading their teams to the highest performance in their category. Recognition at each level of leadership gives the rising leaders an opportunity to receive recognition from their peers for the performance advancement they made in the current season. This gives everyone in the arena an opportunity to be recognized. It is not just open for the very top performers. Everyone has an opportunity! That may seem like some as a minor issue, but how many performers in organizations or companies are slighted and meant to feel insignificant because only the very top performers are given recognition. Life Leadership recognizes advancement. Distinction by Level which is unique in it's own right.


Life Coach level, the pinnacle of performance saw Top Performers:

    -  George & Jill Guzzardo - Life Coach 6 

    -  Claude & Lana Hamilton - Executive Life Coach


The Panel of Top Performers on Sunday provided everyone access to the Best of the Best of the Fastest Growing Leaders:

    -  Rob Robson

    -  Thierry & Marie-Maud LaPlanche

    -  Manase & Lisa Fotu


The conviction of these three very different teams of leaders was inspiring.

      Rob (& Kenya) Robson -  a young couple with children building with great expectation

      Thierry & Marie-Maud - two physicians from a country poor economically but rich in spirit - Haiti

      Manase & Lisa Fotu - raising a large family and building with passion and in Manase's second language


 These 3 couples exemplify that by following and applying the principles of leadership and the system of building that Life Leadership teaches, no matter what the circumstances, if your desire is big enough the opportunity is great enough to succeed. 

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#63 Ammon Nelson

Ammon Nelson

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Posted 27 February 2015 - 05:06 PM

By the time I got to this major I was in major need of the battery super charge and Winter Leadership Convention in Moline more than filled that need.


Talks that inspired me:

- Dan Hawkins - How to get yourself to do what you know you need to do, but can't get yourself to do

- Claude and Lana Hamilton ELC recognition - seeing their team show so much support and love for them was inspiring and planted a seed of a dream for me and my wife to be there some day as well.

- Chris Brady - Bet Against Me!


The whole event was inspiring.  Thank you LIFE Support team for all that you did and continue to do to make this business the best change to get the life I've always wanted.

"The first step in any effective application of knowledge is getting the knowledge. The first step in changing the world is to first transform oneself. Always. If what you read isn't transforming you in a positive way, it has no value - to anyone. Pick better books, a better venue for learning, a better set of mentors.  Invest the time to give yourself a real leadership education, one in which you are not just a passenger but one of the people driving the wagon. Actively pursue excellence."

-Oliver DeMille and Brad Bolon

#64 Colin Sexton

Colin Sexton


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Posted 27 February 2015 - 08:36 PM

I got ONE SHOT!!! Don't think I can? BET AGAINST ME!!

This was a pivotal major for me. I anticipated it more than ever for whatever reason. Once there it was more electrifying than ever. The guest speakers were phenominal and George & Jill n Claude & Lana recognition amazing.

I could go on forever but know that this was the best major yet for so many reasons!!!!

Blessed to be apart of this organization and than EVERYONE for playing your part!

"....and by His stripes we are healed...."
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#65 Tony Klubertanz

Tony Klubertanz


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Posted 28 February 2015 - 05:09 PM

Hey Chris-


Fortunately, no animals were harmed on our way to or from the event this time so we will take that as a win in the roadkill department.   :D


It is always so difficult to put a finger on what was the most impactful talk or part of the weekend for me, as the entire weekend is so valuable, but I must say that all of Sunday stuck out to me with the panel conversation and Bill Lewis's straight at you send off talk.  What a closing talk!  I cannot begin to imagine what Bill has gone through in the past year, and yet he continues to bless us by inspiring us so that we continue to move along the path of living the life we have always wanted.  I cannot find the words to express how much his example means to me as an aspiring leader.


The other thing that really stood out to me was the Executive Life Coach recognition that the Hamilton's received at this event.  Seeing them on stage with their boys really spoke to me.


I am so glad to see the comments in here regarding the "saving a seat" culture as well.  This is a very difficult thing to police but it can definitely have a negative impact to our culture.  At this convention, I watched one gentlemen use Police "Do Not Cross" tape to save a whole section of seats for his team.  


The only suggestion that I have, and this is a rough suggestion, regarding this would be to give each person a color coded (red for Friday/blue for Saturday/Etc) piece of paper and ask that they tape that to their seat when they enter the arena so that people can truly only save seats for themselves.  The negative impact to this though would be that it would take a lot longer for people to enter the arena.  Sorry, I wish I had a better suggestion.


Thank you for all that you, and your LIFE Support team, do to make this a world class event...we really appreciate it!


-Tony Klubertanz

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#66 Claude


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Posted 28 February 2015 - 09:29 PM


Its been exactly a week since we brought Wyatt and Gryffin on stage in their tuxes. That vision is what drove me the past 18 mths to hit that goal. I couldn't think of anything leading up to the event and every day multiple times since the event I think of how awesome it was. A pinnacle of our life as a family. 

The event was life changing for so many. I love talking to the new people who went for their first time. I loved the outside speakers and I loved listening to the PC.

Always one of my favourite parts of the event is the PC meeting and coordinator meeting. I love associating with those people.

Keep rolling!

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#67 Adam & Teesa Rossman

Adam & Teesa Rossman

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Posted 01 March 2015 - 01:23 AM

Wonderful weekend!  It definitely went by too fast and I can't believe it's already been a week.


Loved the PP top gun and all of the Coordinator recognition.  More proof that this thing works!


So glad to hear people trying to put the nix on "seat saving".  Let's face it, as we grow to a million and beyond we aren't going to be able to "save seats" for our entire team, it just isn't possible.  I love that we are a grace filled culture, but when an event has a begun, seats should be filled with butts that are present, not butts that are on the way.  "The early bird gets the worm" as they say.


As leaders we need to have grace, but also hold the line on character.  


#68 Bill



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Posted 01 March 2015 - 02:24 PM

The Stadium was packed! The crowed was electric. When your at a sporting event, and are in anticipation of your favorite team to win, is like childs play compared to the participants at a Life event winning at their dreams. NO COMPARISON.

Bill Newton

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#69 p&gzills



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Posted 01 March 2015 - 03:19 PM

I always tell my kids that I have no favorites that they are each special in their own way.. that's exactly how I feel about the variety of speakers at the Convention. Every speaker did an amazing job of getting their message out and each one is so special in their own way. The "guest" speakers fit right into Life Leadership's culture and didn't seem like guests at all.. Just new members of the Life family..

My 14 year old son attended on Saturday during the day and really enjoyed the venue.  My 11 year old (almost 12 in April) wants to attend so bad. She can't wait until she can attend her first seminar in April and her first convention in June!!

Lots of memories with our family and our team! One of my favorite memories is listening to "The Financial Matrix" with our children on the way home on Sunday and the amazing conversation that happened after hearing that cd. They get it!! They see the difference and how we can impact lives!! So super proud of them for being amazing students right along with my husband and I. So excited to see what the future holds.

Thank you to everyone from the new person getting started to Policy Council to Life Leadership support staff, to volunteers and anyone I am missing.. Blessed to be a part of this amazing community! Can't wait until June Convention in Green Bay!! (so close to home) YAY!!!


Georgia Zills & Family

#70 wadeharris17



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Posted 03 March 2015 - 02:01 PM

Wow what a weekend, it's good to come out of a weekend like that with so many bullets in the gun and armor on the body so when things are thrown at you they bounce off and are picked off before reached. It really created a lot of belief to have outside speakers come in with such long resume's because it shows that Orrin is serious about LIFE being the Google of Leadership. Everyone who wants to achieve success in leadership will be begging to stand on the LIFE stage to share THEIR story! Bet against me! Boy am I kicking fast through the swim through because I'm tired of being out of breath! Can't wait to get that gasp of air aka FREEDOM. You have ONE shot at life what are you going to make it? Thank you and your team for pouring out your all in making a wonderful memory and launch pad for 2015. God Bless.

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