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The Anatomy of an Ant Part I (by George Guzzardo)

Posted by Life Leadership Forum , 19 June 2014 · 3,603 views

George Guzzardo
It’s insightful the amount of books available in the leadership genre and the LIFE Leadership subscriptions specifically that describe the mind - set of how to achieve a successful, fulfilling life. However there is very little to describe the opposing forces that are constantly pulling us into a feeling where there is something missing. One book that gets discussed frequently regarding these concepts is the ‘Ant and the Elephant’ by Vince Poscente. In that book he discusses the correlation of the powerful sub conscious mind (The Elephant) and the weaker yet influential conscious mind (The Ant). He describes the power of the sub conscious mind in influencing success if only we could learn to tap into that vast amount of power. There are, however, numerous books about the concept of how the conscious and sub conscious mind influence our actions.

One of the most talked about books on this subject is ‘The Magic of Thinking Big,’ where David J. Schwartz goes into detail about how harnessing the power of the subconscious mind is the key to success. Best selling author Chris Brady describes this concept in his book ‘PAiLS,’ only he talks about what happens when you harness the passion when we can discover our purpose, and why so many of us never move past the "Making a living" part of life. The deeper sense of purpose is stymied from our focus on making money. Most people never get to the point where they find a deeper sense of purpose because making money is what drives their lives. In the book ‘Confidence of a Champion,’ Tim Marks goes into depth about how influences in his life caused him to have a low self - esteem and self worth. He battled through these forces because he encountered an association of people that enlightened him to the fact that he indeed was created with value and worth. Orrin Woodward goes on to describe how to equip each of us with a strategy on how to reverse the negative influences in our life in his best selling book ‘Resolved 13 Resolutions for LIFE’ by describing a game plan to chart a course that breaks free of some of the influences that keep us from reaching our true full potential. Each one of these books describes the depth of the power of the sub conscious and conscious mind. Although there are numerous leadership books on how success is connected to the subconscious mind there’s not much describing the power of the conscious mind (The Ant) as a force keeping us from having a successful, fulfilling life. I would like to take a few minutes to discuss some of these forces (The Ant) and why it’s necessary to become aware of them in order to help us achieve our full potential. I’d like to call this the anatomy of the ant.

The reason I began to look into the ‘Anatomy of the Ant’ is that so many people I’ve met over the years have succumbed to the influences from the world that puts them in a struggle to achieve what would be their true potential. If only we could release a charging elephant that would gain control from the reins of the Ant that sits in the saddle. If the ant is in control of our friends, family, neighbors, and members of our community, then it would make sense to identify the body of the ant so we would be familiar with it. I began to see people whose energy was drained. They appeared complacent. They appeared to be living what I call, ‘The Ground Hog Day,’ where they repeat the same day a thousand times expecting a different result.

Most of the people I’ve met over the years live “a money vs. fulfillment” life where money becomes their priority. Harvard business school professor Clayton M. Christensen described this nicely in his book ‘How Will You Measure Your Life.’ Over the years I began to witness people who were indifferent (I don’t care), selfish, and complacent. I’ve encountered thousands of people who were exhausted, and stressed out. I’ve seen people who actually had hypertension (high blood pressure) because of the stress and pressure they were under. I’m concerned about the abundance of people I’ve met with low self - esteem and low self worth. I’ve met numerous people who actually believed what they were told about themselves, which was belittling. They grew up with a sense that they were worthless. I’ve watched people be in total social isolation where they only communicated via the internet and were not capable of personal social contact. I’ve seen numerous couples on the verge of divorce. They never achieved any fulfillment from their marriage. The amount of people I’ve met under financial stress is too numerous to mention. Most people don’t own anything but owe everything to the banks in the way of car loans, credit cards, student loans, or mortgages. The amount of financial stress that people are under today is astronomical. These are the problems of the society today. They are in essence equal to the body of the ant. The ant in essence is in charge of our society. The ant in essence is dominating our elephant. Imagine if you will an ant sitting on the saddle on top of the elephant and if the elephant tried to get free the ant would pull in the reins and take out its whip and kick in its spurs and use that as painful stimuli to control the elephant. That is what has happened to our society today. The ant is in control of the elephant. So what is the anatomy of the Ant? Wouldn’t it make sense to identify the forces that are in control of the elephant? Stay tuned to part two.

God Bless, George Guzzardo

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