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Seasons of Growth (by Wayne MacNamara)

Posted by Life Leadership Forum , 19 June 2014 · 2,106 views

Wayne MacNamara
Throughout my life and my business I have had many different seasons; seasons of happiness, seasons of grief, seasons of explosion, and seasons of frustration. Everyone goes through these different seasons in all areas of their life, business owners or not. While the seasons of happiness and growth are exciting, the down seasons are full of lessons that build our character and will power. I am so thankful for these ‘down’ seasons because it is there that I have been able to see the most growth in myself and my wife. However, the ‘up’ seasons are definitely the most fun and energizing.

I am so excited for the season we are just entering! Summer is such an awesome time of the year. The sun is out, golf courses are open and I get to hang out with all my friends more than I do all year. It has also always been my favourite season for building my business, and often ends up being a season of explosion for myself and business partners. There are three main reasons, that I have found, why the summer is one of the best times to build my LIFE Leadership community;

Running the Roads

Driving is a big part of my business. Whether it is driving 20 minutes or 5 hours, I drive a lot to go visit friends and business partners. During the summer, the roads are often clear and dry which makes for perfect driving conditions. Most people are more willing to drive on dry clear roads than the ice-covered roads we have in the middle of winter.

Longer Days

A second benefit of the summer is the hours of sunlight, the summer has the most hours of daylight all year. People tend to stay up later in the summer because they have more hours of sunlight. This extends my hours of doing business and often makes me more productive. Claude taught me years ago to take advantage of nights I assign to business. Its more efficient to have three or four meetings in one night than have one meeting a night, four days in a row. Having multiple meetings in one night is much easier in the summer because people are willing to meet later because of the later hours of sun.

Vacation Season

Most people wait until summer to take their vacations from work; to spend time with their kid who are off school or just to take advantage of the nice weather. I have found that there are many more people out and about around town during the summer than in any other season. With so many people out, I run into so many people who are looking for different options in their life and are willing to sit down and take a look at what we have to offer.

Summer stacks the deck for business building. The cards are all in our favour we just have to take advantage of them. I’m so excited for this season of the year to become an awesome season of explosion in my business and all my friends’ businesses! Take advantage of the nice weather we have and drive your business deeper than you ever have before!

Love ya,


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